Metal Extractants for Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Process

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We design advanced chemicals for the solvent extraction of highly valuable CATHODE materials.

Manganese Extractants
EP01A, EP01F

It is based on phosphorus-based organic compounds and is designed to extract manganese from spent ternary/quaternary batteries such as NCM and NCMA.

Purity >90% (Technical grade), Mn extraction efficiency: EP01A(or EP01F) > D2EHPA

Cobalt and Nickel Extractants
EP02, EP03

It is based on phosphorus- or nitrogen-based organic compounds extractant in the battery recycling process to separate cobalt and nickel.

Purity >90% (Technical grade), Co or Ni extraction efficiency: EP02(or EP03) > Cyane 272 (or PC88A)

Lithium Extractants

It is an ethylene glycol-based organic compound extractant that is excellent for extracting lithium.

EP04 has a pseudo-cage structure for extracting lithium from spent batteries such as NCM, NCMA, and LFP batteries, which leads to excellent Li extraction efficiency and the separation factor of Li for Na.